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At Redeem Bethel we love to see people of all ages come to a more in-depth understanding of our savior Jesus Christ. We love helping people to get into smaller settings where there is more freedom to ask questions, but have fun in the process! 

Please feel free to look through the following ministries, auxiliaries, and groups listed to find out more about each one and how you can get involved and be a part of Redeem Bethel outside and inside the sanctuary!

Sunshine Band

The Sunshine Band is our children's section of Redeem Bethel! We aspire to impart the teaching of the Bible within our children at an early age. Stop by to learn what we have to offer you!

Generation Now

Generation Now is our youth and young adult section of Redeem Bethel! We nurture what has been taught to them and give them an in depth look at what they already know. Check us out to learn more! 

Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry is here to bring together the men of Redeem Bethel. We endeavor to impart and impact our men's lives so that they may impact the lives of those they are connected to! Join us at out next function!

Christian Women's Council

The Christian Women's Council or CWC is or women's ministry at Redeem Bethel. They are responsible for equipping the next generation of women to lead in their communities, homes, and churches! We meet every first Wednesday evening of the month! Stop by and learn more!

Armour Bearers

Our Armour Bearers are responsible for a variety of things at Redeem Bethel.  The chief among them is to assist our leaders and visiting guests as needed. Stop by to learn more and see what we do!

Foundational Training Class

Our Foundational Training Class or FTC is a course of study for those seeking a foundation of the bible. While you will not cover every detail in the Holy scriptures, you be equipped with a basic knowledge to help you understand the texts. We encourage all to take this course. Stop by to learn more!

Usher Board

Our Usher Board ensures that our services run smoothly, from showing someone where to sit, to handing out materials needed for service, our ushers are here to help! 

Biblical Studies

Our biblical studies consists from Bible Band, Young People Willing Workers (YPWW), and Sunday School. We meet every Tuesday evening and rotate every quarter. Here, we learn about God's word in a more intimate setting, asking questions, and learning from one another. Stop in and join us!

Nurse's Guild

Our nurse's at Redeem Bethel are one of a kind. They help all those in need and have a variety of skills and tools to help if a situation ever arises! 


Our hospitality department also covers our greeters, from the moment you walk in the door, they make sure that you feel like part of the family!

Praise and Worship Team

Our praise and worship team sets the atmosphere of the service! They enter us into God's presence and we are truly blessed by their ministry! Come and be blessed by their sound!

Mass Choir

Our Mass Choir is made up of the adult and young people choir's. They are the voices that make preaching easy! Come and hear their dynamic voices fill the atmosphere and call Heaven to Earth!

Want to learn more about or join one of these ministries?! We would be thrilled to have you! We encourage everyone to come to Redeem and visit to see if we are what you're looking for in a place of worship, then join us full time as a member! After that, you are all set to volunteer in any one of these places! Whatever your gift or talent, there is a place for you on our team! 

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