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                                                                       Superintendent Henry Prior
           The Visionary and leader of Redeem Bethel COGIC Community Fellowship Center, Superintendent Prior is a highly anointed and humble man of God. His leadership style has touched the lives of hundreds, simply by sharing Biblical principles which encourages others to succeed even in the face of limitations.
            Superintendent Prior founded and pastored Bethel COGIC in 1985. He was asked by former General Board member, the late Bishop Leroy R. Anderson to pastor Redeem after the sudden demise of Superintendent William Jones in 1996. With this merger, this became the first time in the history of the COGIC in Western New York Jurisdiction that two Church of God in Christ churches came together as one. After the merger, the church was named Redeem Bethel COGIC. Under the leadership of Superintendent Prior, God blessed Redeem Bethel members to build a new church and when that was completed in 2006, God placed upon Superintendent Prior's heart to rename the church to Redeem Bethel COGIC Community Fellowship Center.
           Superintendent Prior is a native of Georgetown, South Carolina, and has pastored for 30 plus years. In April of 2007, the Jurisdictional Prelate of Western New York, Bishop James R. Wright, Sr. appointed Superintendent Prior as the Jurisdictional Chairman of the Trustee Board. Bishop Jeffrey Melvin, Jurisdictional Prelate of the Republic of East Rwanda Africa, appointed Superintendent Prior as his Administrative Assistant. Bishop Melvin and Dr. Prior traveled to Rwanda and assisted them in setting up churches, provided them with financial support, and gave them spiritual guidance. In April 2017 The Jurisdictional Prelate of Western New York, Bishop James R. Wright, Sr. appointed Dr. Prior as Superintendent of District #13.
         Superintendent Prior graduated from Choppee High School in 1969, and attended Colgate Divinity in 1997. Superintendent Prior graduated from North Carolina College of Theology where he received his Doctorate in 2008. Superintendent Prior is also a certified marriage counselor. Superintendent Prior has been married to Barbara Prior for 40 plus years and has 4 chidren, 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.
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